Jai Jinendra, 
Jain Vidya Peeth (JVP) is a thought and an effort to spread ‘Right knowledge’, ‘Right faith’, and ‘Right conduct’, the three most essentials for attaining liberation in Jainism. In order to acquire these, one must observe the five great vows:

  • Non-violence – Ahimsa
  • Truth – Satya
  • Non-stealing – Achaurya or Asteya
  • Celibacy/Chastity – Brahmacharya
  • Non-attachment/Non- possession – Aparigraha

A little planning now will make a big difference for our future generations to come! Please register with Jain Vidya Peeth to preserve and grow our heritage. We are all very much aware and mindful of the fact that this group is established to preserve the oldest tradition of our Digambar Jain Religion in the Western World. Jain Vidya Peeth is fully committed to the core principle of unity with diversity within all the Digambar Jain traditions.


To promote Digambar Jain Dharma along with the study, understanding and practice of Digambar Jain traditions both for children and adults.

To promote friendly environment among its members and providing a platform to
get better understanding of Digambar Jain culture.

A forum to raise questions and an opportunity to implement in our day to day life.
Action speaks more than words – so we believe in doing this by promoting non-violence and vegetarianism among our members.

Finally, to help not only the current members but generation next and more to come, by establishing “Digambar Jain Temple” in East Pennsylvania, US !!