About Jain Vidya Peeth (JVP)

Jai Jinendra,

We are happy to inform you that the IRS has approved the registration of the Jain Vidya Peeth (JVP), and we have received the Tax Exempt Status under IRS Code Section 501 (C) (3) and Tax EIN # 82-3915493.

From the very inception of JVP, in spirit and as mentioned in its constitution and by-laws, this organization is established to preserve the oldest tradition of our Digambar Jain religion in North America within the Unity of all Jains. JVP intends to bring a better understanding, exposure and respect of this tradition in order to bring about a real & lasting unity among all Jains in North America.

This Vidya Peeth is not established to create a separate entity for Digambar Jains in this part of the world, but to maintain our identity within the unity of all Digambar Jains with different traditions following the fundamental principal of Anekantwad. By respecting each of our tradition’s diversity, we foster and enhance our Digambar Jain unity.

In order to fulfill our objectives, we need to maintain our membership directory. Please go to the JVP Member Login Section on the Home Page and Register On-Line. It will take about 5 minutes to complete the registration process. As part of Dharma Prabhawana, please ask your family & friends to register on-line to become a member of this Sangh to preserve and promote this great tradition for our future generations.

Upon completion and approval of your registration, we would like to connect and email/mail each family a set of religious books to start a mini-library for their house, followed by various audio-visual materials to enhance the knowledge of Jainism, one of the most practical, logical and scientific religion’s in the world.

Executive Committee of JVP – Program 2019
  • Mrs. Garima & Mr. Nishant Jain
  • Mrs. Anamika & Mr. Peeyush Jain
  • Mrs. Swarali & Mr. Shailesh Lad
  • Mrs. Sonali & Mr. Samkit Jain
Working Committee of JVP
  • Mrs. Atisha & Mr. Navneet Jain
  • Mrs. Chandrika & Mr. Rohit Jain
  • Mrs. Ekta & Mr. Ankur Jain
  • Mrs. Kritika & Mr. Shashank Jain
  • Mrs. Megha & Mr. Vishal Jain
  • Mrs. Neeru & Mr. Anuj Jain
  • Mrs. Priyanka & Mr. Nikhil Jain
  • Mrs. Rakhi & Mr. Prashant Badkul
  • Mrs. Somi & Mr. Anshul Jain
  • Mrs. Suchi & Mr. Deepesh Jain
  • Mrs. Tanu & Mr. Sudeep Jain
  • Mrs. Vibha & Mr. Abnish Jain