Living away from our home and attempting to teach our children about dharma can be quite difficult. We realized this problem and have come to solve it by the traditional way of ‘Pathshala’.

Where by, an increasing number of families of Jain origin near Exton – Downingtown –WestChester ( in Pennsylvania) area have become residents of the continent of North America, it was a necessity to have an organization which will provide a forum to Digambar Jain preaching for anyone who seeks it. An Organization dedicated to teach young Jains the values, culture and our rich heritage.

We teach children using Digambar Jain books from India/US and both in English and Hindi format. Our teachers are true masters in the religion who will happily transfer their knowledge to those who seek it.

A humble contribution to the learnings and understandings of Jainism.

JVP Pathshala Calendar